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Fetch Surf Concept Surf Training Center in Bali for Surf Coaching

Importance of managing your emotions to surf better

Managing emotions in sport has always been one of the challenges of athletes, since obtaining better results depends on controlling it. It is a fact that athlete who manages to control his doubts, fear, panic, fear, anger, frustrations, aggressiveness or resentment at times when the results do not appear as planned, will be able to continue concentrating on the final objective, without losing control of what is happening in the competitive moment. Maintaining concentration is the best solution to be aware and make the best decisions, without allowing your subconscious to take control of all decisions without losing control of emotions.

In the practice of surfing, the control of emotions is an aspect of vital importance due to the practice or the competitive moment of the sport, it is carried out in a context for which we are not designed, and our subconscious will always be on alert to make the decision that is appropriate in each situation. We must not forget that us human beings are not designed to carry out activities in the aquatic environment, but thanks to the development of the activities or through learning to know how to swim, we have developed the ability to control this environment, although not the ability to survive in it.

It is of vital importance in this block, when we are starting, to maintain control over our emotions, that is why whenever we go to the beach we must be clear about what the objective of the session is and where it should be held, since if we exceed our limits, we will allow our subconscious to take control and the most appropriate decisions in each situation, thus losing the ability to learn.

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Fetch Surf Concept Surf Training Center in Bali for Surf Coaching

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