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Groms Coaching

Surf Training for teens

Does your child love surfing? This is an age-adapted program that covers fitness, technique, and surfing skills so they can become the surfers they want to be.

Become part of a holistic surf coaching program for the young & talented in Indonesia. We have carefully designed an age-adapted training programming for children and teenagers including physical and technical coaching, contest preparation, etc.

This program will allow your child to build a fitness and strength level without jeopardizing its health and growth process, develop correct technique, build muscular memory, correct mistakes, and establish behavioral patterns and mental strength. From small on they will learn how to control their emotions and mental state in situations of pressure and stress, they will learn how to focus and hopefully develop their passion for surfing to the fullest.

Our surf coaches come with an extensive background in coaching surfers and/or competing themselves. They will be a key player in the development of your surfing giving you technical, mental and emotional support for your sessions and contests. We will always surf in a safe environemnt with managebale conditions.

Training children is one of the most sensitive fields in professional athletic preparation. Your body is still growing and changing. We are fully aware of this and have therefore developed a specifically adapted program for our GROMS. We will build muscular memory, develop correct posture and technique from the very basis, and make sure your energy levels adapt to your needs when/if you compete.

Surf Motion is our surf skate session in which we train all the technical aspects of surfing, whatever your level. You will learn to use your body like a surfer, you will learn all the techniques from the most basic to the most difficult turn. You will improve your surfing since we use the same movement patterns, with the advantage that we can repeat as many times as we want.

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