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Surf Coaching

Become the surfer you truly desire to be

Understand and master the complexity of surfing though analysing and improving your current level of performance, understanding, technique, knowledge and mental strength as a surfer. We prepare you for your next competition, the season, your next trip or simply to enjoy your surfing more than ever.

Our approach is tailor-made to your individual needs and will give you the most excellent and high-quality input around.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress. The theoretical part of surfing is not to be ignored and will equip you with highly valuable input about the ocean, waves, surfboards, technique, etc. Raising your own awareness will eventually give you more confidence and make you a better surfer.

One of the determining factors of having a good surf is knowledge. We are dealing with nature here, every wave, every swell, and every day is different. Our mental state is different every day too and once we are in the water, we are exposed to uncontrollable conditions which can cause loss of control, nervousness or even panic. It’s crucial to have enough knowledge to face these emotions, to be able to be conscious and focus. Hence, the more we know and the better we can analyse the situation and state we and our environment are in, the more likely we will have a successful surf session.

In our surf theory coaching we will give you the maximum knowledge available so you learn how to faster and better read the conditions of the ocean, how to understand a wave, select the right hardware and analyse and evaluate your own mistakes.


Observe & analyse the ocean, waves, currents, etc.

Hardware (Surfboards, finns, etc.)

Mental Awareness & Self Evaluation

Surf technique & rules.

Surfboards, Finns & equipment.

Reading & understanding forecasts.

Mental awareness and counter-measures.

Self-evaluation & correction.

We work with the most qualified surf coaches in Bali with extensive international experience in competing and surfing. We analyse your current surfing, accompany you in the water, build your confidence and equip you with the relevant input, tricks & tools to improve your surfing.

We usually avoid pushing people into the waves as we believe the biggest progress is done, when you achieve things yourself. On the other hand we also do video analysis from outside the water to get a better picture of your technique. As our surf coachings are entirely tailor-made we will find the right mix for you. If necessary or upon request we even have two coaches for you – one on land and one with you in the line-up.

Your physical fitness determines your surfing, your health, and your time of recovery. Fetch Surf Concept is an advocate of treating surfing like a sport, for which physical training on land is absolutely inevitable. You will gain, maintain or improve a decent fitness and strength level for you to get more out of your surfing for many, many years. With our class sessions, you will be receiving a holistic and complete workout program that covers all the physical needs surfers have.

For a more tailor-made approach, our one-on-one personal training sessions give you the correct input and challenges for you to progress, recover from injuries, correct postures or technical flaws, or strengthen a specific weaker part of your body.

In official collaboration with smoothstar surf trainers we take your surfing to land and we promise you: nothing will make you progress more efficiently than this! Start understanding what is really happening in your body when you surf. Learn, improve or correct your technique and be able to surf consciously doing turns, gaining speed, etc.

Learn how to execute the actual movements you need in order to make a drop, build up speed, do turns and prepare for aerials and other maneuvers. You may join our regular group sessions or book in for a one-on-one to have the certified smoothstar coach all for yourself.

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We have designed a learning map so that at all times you can identify where you are and what goals you need to achieve to take your surfing to the next level.

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Achieve your surf goals with our intensive 5 days program.

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