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Surf Training

Become the surfer you truly desire to be

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Our surf training concept is an efficient and safe training program that has developed over many years full of profound research and curiosity about understanding a surfer’s body. It is suitable for surfers’ of all levels and age, no matter what your current fitness looks like.

No matter what you need as a surfer – whether you are aware or want to become aware – we help you with all our experience, knowledge, heart and passion so you can be the surfer you want to be. Our physical surf training concept is based on the 4 main pillars identified as crucial for surfers: endurance, strength, mobility & flexibility. We have designed four types of classes covering all of these aspects. If you train with Fetch Surf Concept you will quickly be able to achieve the following properties & skills which will have a direct effect on your surfing:

  • Build adequate levels of strength, cardiovascular performance, mobility & flexibility to create, maintain or improve your body as a surfer
  • Create movement patterns to establish awareness, coordination, and control of your body as a surfer
  • Correct existing & prevent muscular imbalances caused by surfing
  • Overcome & recover from injuries to get you back into the line-up

Tailor-made, efficient, safe and effective. Personal training that fully adapts to your needs, are carefully planned and will make you progress much faster – whatever your goal is.

  • Detailed planning of contest participation
  • Tailor-made physical preparation program for your next surf trip
  • We also develop more complex & highly individualised approaches for your very specific needs. In close collaborating with the best physiotherapists, nutritionists and acupuncture & Chinese medicine specialists in Bali we can help you with complex matters such as consistent pains, returning injuries, repeated inflammations, weight-loss & weight-gain, hormonal imbalances, injury recoveries, etc.

Train with us

The 4 Sessions

Improving your overall fitness to surf better with our 30-60 minute high-intensity workouts.

Hard beat


Work your cardio to maximize your performance in the wave and have longer and less tiring sessions. Specifically designed for you to gain endurance and a strong mind.



Improve your strength and gain power through specific functional training. Become more explosive and compensate muscular imbalances caused by surfing. We use a variety of equipment during this class such as dumbbells, kettlebells, CrossCore, Slamballs, etc.

Body Control


Maximize your mobility, stability, and technique as a surfer using your body weight only. Inspired by Animal Flow, Capoeira, and other techniques we create movement patterns that improve and train the coordination between your body and mind.



Become more flexible and release muscular tensions created through surfing. A yoga-inspired approach designed for compensation, recovery and injury prevention.

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