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Smoothstar Indonesia

The best surf trainers in the world

SmoothStar is the world’s No.1 best surf trainer, voted by the world’s leading surf coaches. Described as the closest feel to surfing out of the water, it is a game-changer for surfers of all ages and abilities.


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Why Surf Skate?

Recorrect old habits by analysing body position and movement on the SmoothStar. By using video analysis with a surf coach, you can identify areas for technique adjustments and implement changes on land, then take it to the water.

SmoothStar pro teamriders like Filipe Toledo and Johanne Defay use their surf trainer to learn and practice critical surf manoeuvres like tail slides, cutbacks, roundhouses, and aerials. As a SmoothStar moves and feels just like a surfboard, it is perfect for dialling your technique for shorter radius, critical turns.

SmoothStar is used regularly by advanced surfers to learn and fine-tune aerials from set-up to landing. You can break down both frontside and backside airs through the approach, compression, launch and landing. Using your SmoothStar, you can progress to rotations.

Using SmoothStar, you can replicate a wave on a ramp or a steep driveway. Use markers to identify critical parts of the wave and practise critical advanced surf training technique like hand placement and shoulder movement. Repeat drills to reinforce good technique.

You will see the most improvement in the muscles used to increase compression and extension. The more compression and extension an advanced surfer has, the more speed and power they will have to perform critical surf manoeuvres. As a surf strength and conditioning tool, SmoothStar is unparalleled.

Simulate waves by using your SmoothStar on a sloped surface for more advanced surf training. Steep driveways or ramps are perfect for perfecting advanced surfing techniques and manoeuvres.

Advanced surf training with your SmoothStar surf trainer includes the smooth transition of turns known as rail-to-rail surfing. Using your SmoothStar on flat land or a sloped driveway, you can simulate a wave and generate speed, power and flow by perfecting your transition between rails.

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